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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Office of Environmental Health & Protection


Mission State

With the foundation of Ke’, the Office of Environmental Health strives to develop a responsive, sustainable environmental health/code enforcement program that focuses on environmental health and safety, environmental disease and injuries, serve with cultural respect and sense of achievement for the wellbeing of the Navajo Nation population.

News & Updates


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Services Provided

  • Develop and ensure the implementation of environmental health and protection strategic plan policies and procedures.
  • Develop and implement partnership agreements with health care, public health services providers/agencies and chapter communities on the Navajo Nation and surrounding service delivery areas.
  • Compliance functions - legal, programmatic and financial – compliance related to applicable OHSA/NOSHA/ADA policies and procedures.
  • Services include training, public information.
  • Pursuant to 2 N.N.C. § 1604, (A), issuance of sanitation permits and respective fees and fines and penalty for environmental and protection sanitation violators.
  • Develop, implement, enforce and regulate inter and intra agency agreements in relation with environmental health, safety and protection including but not limited to: food safety, water safety, air safety, waste management and safety, toxic chemicals, disease vectors, safety hazards, habitat alterations, migrant camp and facility, mineral safety, safety of fair/recreational equipment and facility.





Service Unit

  • Ft. Defiance and Chinle Service Unit
  • Gallup and Crownpoint Service Unit
  • Shiprock and Kayenta Service Unit
  • Tuba City and Winslow Service Unit

Ft. Defiance and Chinle Service Unit

Navajo Environmental Health & Protection Program

P.O. Box 1390 Window Rock, AZ 86515

Administration Building No. 2 Window Rock Boulevard, Window Rock, AZ

Phone (928) 871-7940

Fax (928) 871-7960

Chinle Indian Health Services (IHS) OEH Office

P.O. Box 694 Many Farms, AZ 86538

Hwy. 191 Lake Road Dental Building – IHS OEH

Phone (928) 781-3809

Gallup and Crownpoint Service Unit

Gallup OEH Office

P.O. Box 1337-MC #33 Gallup, NM 87301

Gallup Indian Medical Center-Building #2009 Gallup, NM 87301

Phone (505) 722-1738

Fax (505) 722-1701

Crownpoint Indian Health Services (IHS) OEH Office

P.O. Box 680 Crownpoint, NM 87313

Building No. 36 Mercy Street Crownpoint, NM 87313

Phone (505) 786-6403

Shiprock and Kayenta Service Unit

Shiprock OEH Office

P.O. Box 160 Shiprock, NM 87420

1st Uranium Boulevard Shiprock, NM 87420

Phone (505) 368-7491

Fax (505) 368-7465

Kayenta Indian Health Services (IHS) OEH

P.O. Box 368 Kayenta, AZ 86033

Phone (928) 697-4062

Tuba City and Winslow Service Unit

Tuba City OEH Office

P.O. Box 600 Tuba City, AZ 86045

Phone (928) 283-28573

Winslow Indian Health Services (IHS) OEH Office

P.O. Box 90 Winslow, AZ 86047

500 N. Indian Avenue Winslow, AZ 86047

Phone (928) 289-9775





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