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Tracey lives in Gallup, New Mexico with her two children and husband. Though Tracey works full-time, her primary attention is caring of her family. Tracey has taken even more care during this pandemic to keep her family safe and healthy. Despite this she caught the virus. She knows exactly where she caught COVID-19. It only took one ride in an elevator with an individual who had the COVID-19 virus.

A few days later after the elevator encounter, Tracey learned the person’s condition worsened, and was flown out of state for further medical treatment. Tracey and her husband straightway were tested. Not long after, the organization she worked for closed its doors for an indefinite time.

The COVID-19 test results revealed Tracey was positive and her husband was negative.

“It gave some sort of relief that both of us were not positive at the same time. My husband was able to tend to our two children as I recovered. Then he caught COVID-19 further down the line while caring for both me and the children.”

“As I was recovering, the main challenge I faced was not being able to see my kids the entire time that I was sick, it was hard!”

“My symptoms lasted over a month. From Thanksgiving week to around Christmas week, I couldn’t taste anything, I had a stuffy nose, and ran a fever the entire time.”

“Hot fluids, lots of Gatorade and Pedialyte helped me recover”

As Tracey reflects back to when she got sick, she states that, “everyone needs to know how serious this virus is and how it affects people differently. For example, when I caught COVID, doctors gave me 6 days to recover when in reality I was nowhere near recovering in that predicted time frame.”

“Some people don’t show any symptoms and some people are hit by this virus at an astronomical rate that they may need more attention than others. They are the ones we have to look out for.”

Since COVID-19 has affected Tracey’s life she implores to everyone to “stay home, if you don’t need to be out, then don’t.”

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