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Taneesha is a full-time student and a resident of Page, AZ. Taneesha and her family have taken the COVID-19 safety measures seriously and adopted them as part of their daily activities. It has become a natural habit to wear a mask when in public and around others not of their household. They frequently wash their hands, disinfect highly touched surfaces and items they purchase. Because, Taneesha is at higher risk, she became infected with COVID-19 after going to the store for essential items.

On March 31st of this year, Taneesha started experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. She was fatigued and had the symptoms of what seemed like the common cold. Several weeks later she was admitted to the hospital.

“I realized I had COVID-19 when I lost my senses of smell and taste. My symptoms lasted a week, and the symptoms began to phase out, or so I thought. I noticed I was having difficulty breathing and decided to go to the hospital. I was admitted for low oxygen levels.”

“My lungs are still not getting enough oxygen. Doctors say that the bottom half of my lungs are still fuzzy with built up mucus. A simple walk to the restroom in my hospital room is tiring.”

"The doctor gave me the usual 14 days to get well. It actually took me about a month and a half to fully recover”

“I’m a pretty positive person and look at all of the positive things in life. Once I was admitted into the hospital for a low oxygen level, I wasn’t feeling as positive as I usually am. I was thinking the worst. But the doctors and medical staff all reassured me that I can beat this virus. Having daily calls with my family and friends also helped me get out of that negative state of mind, which I’m really grateful for.”

Taneesha is on her road to recovery and would like to share, “this virus is real, it’s scary. We took all of the necessary precautions but I still caught the virus. Just be careful!”

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