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Phaleen, is a young woman living in Albuquerque, NM, managing her independence and work-life career as a dental assistant when she was diagnosed with COVID-19 on January 11th. Before her diagnosis, Phaleen thought the symptoms she was experiencing were seasonal allergies that she usually gets every year. On January 9th, her symptoms were terrible, and the next day she felt fine. On January 11th, she decided not to risk anything and got herself tested.

“On January 9th, I had a dreadful headache and allergy-related symptoms, but the coming days, I felt fine"

Phaleen’s experience with COVID-19 was a more unique one. She mentioned to the healthcare professionals that she didn’t have anywhere to isolate herself because she was staying with some family and did not want to spread the virus. She was offered to isolate at a hotel in Albuquerque, serving as an isolation site for COVID-19 positive people. There, she remained isolated for ten days to get better. At the hotel, the hospital offered a nurse who took vitals every day, a doctor on call, a swimming pool area, and a weight room that served as an oxygen bar for the people who needed oxygen.

During her stay at the hotel, Phaleen qualified for a new experimental trial to help combat the virus called the Monoclonal Antibody COVID-19 infusion, which she agreed to partake in on January 13th.

“This treatment is used to help bump up your antibodies to fight against the virus. It is supposed to help a COVID-19 positive patient overcome the virus a lot faster rather than just waiting it out. This treatment is still under study, so various people have the option to try this route of treatment”

“This treatment is also not a cure; it’s just to help fight the virus”

After the infusion treatment was administered to Phaleen, she was monitored during her stay at the hotel. Doctors and nurses checked on her every day to ensure her vitals were good and she wasn’t experiencing any side effects from the treatment.

“I felt that the infusion treatment really helped me. If I didn’t get it, I probably would have been at my worst”

“This virus is real, and some people think it’s a hoax, but it’s not. I was stuck in a hotel room for 10 days, which was the most challenging part of having COVID-19. I missed my family and the interaction with people"

Since being diagnosed with COVID-19, Phaleen stresses the importance of taking extra precautions.

“Sanitize everything, wear a mask, and wash your hands”

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