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Leticia is from a small community in north east New Mexico and was diagnosed with COVID-19 in November. She stays healthy by eating healthy and getting regular exercise. Leticia likes staying active whether it be in her personal life or professional life. She has been a server at a local restaurant, and is also a non-emergency transport driver. Daily interactions with the public helps keep her busy and alert.

“It is hard to pinpoint where I contracted the virus, because I interact with people every day. It is also challenging to keep my distance since I work in the service field.”

Though she is healthy, a previous illness has made her more vulnerable in getting COVID-19.

“In the beginning of November, I was turned away from getting admitted into the hospital, because my symptoms were not severe enough. The next week I returned to the hospital because of lack of oxygen. I spent nearly five hours in the emergency room, before a space in the COVID-unit was available. I spent five additional days in the hospital to be treated.”

Before going to the hospital for treatment, Leticia did her best in remedying her illness.

“I took every over-the-counter cold and flu medication available along with pain relievers, Pedialyte and vitamins; anything to try and help me overcome my illness.”

Leticia shared, “While in the COVID unit, should your conditions worsen, the nurses inform you to begin making life changing decisions, like signing a DNR (do not resuscitate) if you choose to, and making a “last call” to your family if you are to be placed on a ventilator. There is a lot of uncertainty when fighting this virus. Some patients come into the COVID unit not feeling very sick. Then BAM! Their health is depleting. This virus is spreading so fast! It’s not a joke and it’s scary.”

While in the hospital, Leticia spent a majority of her time thinking and praying.

“I prayed I would overcome the virus, and make it back home to my family and daughter. I prayed for the people fighting the virus, for the healthcare workers and first responders, and prayed for the Navajo Nation to heal.”

Though Leticia is on the road to recovery, and a journey back to health, she feels very blessed and fortunate to have overcome such a potentially deadly disease. Since her release from the hospital she is more fervent in following the public health orders and CDC rules and regulations.

“Be considerate of one another, follow the CDC guidelines, because they are there for a reason. I can’t stress enough, the importance of loving one another, think of our loved ones, we are all in this together.”

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