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Kyle, a young man who lives in Albuquerque, NM, had unfortunately caught COVID-19 back in November. He doesn't know where he had caught the virus but figures it could have been from grocery shopping or shopping for essential items. It has been challenging and stressful for Kyle to point out where he may have contracted the virus.

“"I strongly advise everyone to be careful in public. You may be doing all the right things, such as practicing social distancing, sanitizing, and wearing a mask, but you can still catch it. Please do not leave your homes if you don't need to. You put yourself and your loved ones at risk while being in public places and large gatherings."

Kyle was very sick in the beginning stages of having COVID-19 – for the first three or four days. Then day-by-day, he started to recover slowly and get better. Other than a lingering cough, he's been up to pare with his strength and mental health.

During Kyle's diagnosis and recovery, he stayed home and avoided people. He also took regular flu medication such as Theraflu, Nyquil, and Dayquil, along with drinking a lot of tea to ease his sore throat.

"I thought about a lot of things when I was isolated and alone. It was unfortunate that I caught the virus, but I continued to stay positive and focused on getting better. The hardest part of isolating was being alone on Thanksgiving and my birthday. I learned that I have to be extra careful when I go out into the public because I do not want to experience that again."

Though Kyle was fortunate to recover from the virus. But he stresses that it's not the case for many people and families being hospitalized or those who have passed away from COVID-19. He also encouraged the younger generation to consider and think of others' health and safety while being in public.

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