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Jerrod is an electrician, works and resides in Phoenix, AZ. This past December2020, he tested positive for COVID-19 after taking a hiking trip to Sedona, AZ with his wife.

“I thought hiking and being outside was a safe activity during this pandemic. We didn’t want to be cooped up in our house for another weekend, so we decided to take a trip.”

“We took all of the precautions while we were in Sedona. We wore our masks, used hand sanitizer. But I think we contracted the virus one evening we ate inside a restaurant instead of ordering out."

“My symptoms lasted about a month and it came in waves. At first, I was extremely tired, then had a slight fever, sore throat, and stuffy nose. I didn’t think anything of it, until I lost my sense of taste and smell and had intense body aches and a high fever. My wife who wasn’t badly affected, took care of me, which I am thankful for.”

Taking a trip to Sedona, Jerrod and his wife thought they would be safe, and to spend time with family for the holidays, but their plans were disrupted when they had to isolate and recover from COVID-19.

"The doctor gave me the usual 14 days to get well. It actually took me about a month and a half to fully recover”

“Looking back, I regret taking this trip. We didn’t spend the holidays with our family, a trip we look forward to taking every year. Instead, we were stuck in isolation, fighting and recovering from the virus.”

“Taking Over-the-counter pain medication and hydrating helped break my fever and helped my body from feeling too achy. Drinking hot tea with honey and lemon helped with my sore throat. I also continued to eat though I couldn’t taste anything, I had to keep up my strength. Stretching a lot also helped.”

Jerrod encourages everyone to keep updated on U.S. and state statistics, follow regulations to better practice safety measures, and keep your guard up.

“Let’s keep bringing our numbers down. Just because states are easing up on their regulations, doesn’t mean we should. I have faith we can overcome this virus; we are a strong nation.”

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