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Adriana is a young Navajo woman who was raised on the Navajo Nation, and where she still makes her home. She lives her life in honoring her ancestors and her family. Adriana has a quiet confidence, and intelligence. Along with the Navajo people she has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Like anyone else, I took every preventive measures to keep myself safe from COVID-19. That changed when I had close contact with a family member who was not aware they had it.”

Although Adriana is healthy and stays in physical shape, the illness took a toll on her.

“You just really don’t know who has this virus, or where you can get it from, even from people you love.”

COVID-19 illness and symptoms lasted a good three weeks for Adriana.

“I took every over-the-counter cold and flu medication available along with pain relievers, Pedialyte and vitamins; anything to try and help me overcome my illness.”

“Although I was still feeling somewhat tired after my recovery, I pushed myself daily to get back my strength, and felt more awake when doing daily walks and keeping busy.”

Adriana felt sad then scared. Because she had never experienced an illness such as this, she began thinking the worst. Feelings of desperation, and hopelessness were a few emotions she felt. For her, it was one of the worst trials to endure. Not being able to interact with her loved ones was terrible, especially the interactions with her father. But, she knew she had to keep away to keep him safe.

“This sickness is something you don’t want to wish upon another nor do you wish anyone to go through it”

Living with family members who are more likely to get severe COVID-19 infection can be challenging. She did her utmost to keep her distance from her father, an elder, who stayed near during her illness and recovery. Adriana’s dad sanitized surfaces and objects in their house every two hours. He made sure Adriana didn’t touch things and that she stayed put. If Adriana needed anything, he assured it was in arms reach for her. Through this experience, Adriana and her family are blessed her father did not contract the virus.

“The care my dad took into his hands while I was sick was beyond amazing for him to do. It helped me to get better and it helped him stay safe. The constant check-ins with siblings got me through the emotions I was feeling.”

“It is best that we all abide by the guidelines laid out for us, wearing our masks, staying home, and not gathering in large crowds. This will help us get through this pandemic.”

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