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Adrian is a Navajo who currently resides in Michigan and is an OTR truck driver who covers the 48 states, an essential skill needed during this pandemic. Truck drivers are needed to keep crucial products delivered.

“We transport dry goods, such as dry foods that don’t need to be refrigerated, clothing, toilet paper and paper products, and other products to stores across America.”

He feels fortunate to have a job to provide for himself. But since catching COVID-19, work has halted since becoming sick with COVID-19. Testing for truck drivers is not easily available as it is for everyone else. Adrian is now focusing on himself and regaining his strength so he can continue trucking

“As a truck driver, you never know what’s on the road ahead of you but the priority is to bring what is needed to the people.”

“Because we travel across state lines and deliver supplies to different communities, we were more apt to getting the virus versus if we stayed home, I don’t know where my driving partner and I caught the virus. It could have been at a restaurant in California, or a rest stop in Texas. Even though we have been taking extra precautions while on the road, we still caught it.”

His diagnosis of the virus was fairly recent but believes that he and his partner had caught the virus around December 19, 2020. Symptoms included a slight cough, headache, increased fatigued, loss of both taste and smell. Adrian and his driving partner have regained their senses, and their strength.

"Being a truck driver, I did everything I could to prevent myself and my partner from catching the virus, but somewhere down the road we both caught it. Even if you think it’s a simple cold or allergies, get tested that way you can do whatever you can to fight the virus from the beginning. Be vigilant.”

“The side effect of losing one’s taste and smell, caused us not to want to eat or drink anything because there was no satisfaction in eating. We were experiencing the same thing, forcing ourselves to eat and drink warm beverages to keep our strength up. We took over-the-counter cold/flu medication to help with the phlegm build up and dry cough, especially at night. We drank a lot of fluids, such as hot tea, coffee, water and Pedialyte. We did breathing exercises, and treated the virus like how we treat a flu.”

“I pray for the Navajo Nation and the people affected by COVID-19. Now that I know what it is like to be sick with COVID, I feel for everyone who has it. The new discovery of the COVID-19 vaccine is wonderful. I hope everyone opts to take the vaccine.”

“Remember, don’t let your guard down for the smallest reasons. You still can catch this virus”

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