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The Navajo Department of Health’s “Navajo Strong – COVID-19 Survivors” campaign highlights Navajo residents and their families who share the most inspirational stories of recovery, hope, resilience, and how COVID-19 impacted their lives.

“It was a burnout for me, I was weak and tired all the time.”

COVID-19 Survivor - Marie
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“It is hard to pinpoint where I contracted the virus, because I interact with people every day. It is also challenging to keep my distance since I work in the service field.”

COVID-19 Survivor - Leticia
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“You just really don’t know who has this virus, or where you can get it from, even from people you love.”

COVID-19 Survivor - Adriana
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“My mom and step-father got sick first, they were very bad and a few days later I began to show symptoms of COVID-19.”

COVID-19 Survivor - Darnell
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"I thought about a lot of things when I was isolated and alone. It was unfortunate that I caught the virus.."

COVID-19 Survivor - Kyle
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“Remember, don’t let your guard down for the smallest reasons. You still can catch this virus”

COVID-19 Survivor - Adrian
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“I think it important people understand how this virus can bring your life to a halt, be devastating, and it has taken many lives across America and throughout the Navajo Nation.”

COVID-19 Suvivor - Angela
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