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Nicketa Kirk

Administrative Assistant

Navajo Transit System - Fort Defiance, AZ

Nicketa Kirk has presided in the Window Rock area for over 20 years. She is currently staffed at the Navajo Transit System in Fort Defiance, Arizona, as an Administrative Assistant. Nicketa performs a full range of secretarial and administrative office duties with specialized knowledge in office administration. She is also in her final stretch of obtaining her Bachelors of Business Administration in General Management.

When Nicketa was first assigned to HCOC Logistics section, her responsibilities were similar to her duties as an Administrative Assistant. She processed time sensitive forms, reviewed documents for accuracy, ensured procedures were implemented, and assisted in assembling food and supplies for distribution.

There is never a dull moment for Nicketa in her current role as the HCOC Logistics Deputy Chief. She is in constant communication with staff, whether through email or phone. Assignments and tasks in Logistics change from day to day; so she must stay on task, and be prepared to change direction at a moment’s notice. She oversees inventory from POD sites, and ensures HCOC sections are supplied with needed items. On certain occasions Nicketa steps in for the Logistics Section Chief.


When asked about a memorable experience while working on the frontlines, Nicketa shared, “Back in July, the Navajo Nation President’s Office requested 900 food boxes for distribution for that week. The Logistics section staff, National Guard, and FEMA, worked arduously as a team. Everyone had specific tasks they were to administer. Boxes were put on an assembly line, and items were placed in the boxes. When we were done, we had assembled 2,000 boxes! We accomplished so much in a short amount of time. We wouldn’t have been as successful without the National Guard and FEMA. It was an emotional, yet an amazing experience. Our people were not forgotten on this day.” –Nicketa

To relieve stress, Nicketa runs four times a week. She is also a full time mom, and her attention is on her children when home. Her family is the driving force to keep her moving forward. Nicketa says it is her turn to help others, and this is the time to help now.

“Since this pandemic, I have seen how our people are suffering. It seems people who are not employed have been hit the hardest. This is why I do my best, even if I have to go above and beyond to help my people.”


Nicketa urges everyone to continue adhering to the Navajo Nation public health orders and the CDC COVID-19 prevention guidelines.


“Don’t give up, hang in there, and take care of each other. This will pass.”

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