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Natasha Bitsui

Prevention Specialist

Navajo Division of Behavioral and Mental Health Services - Chinle Service Area

Natasha Bitsui is a Prevention Specialist for the Navajo Division of Behavioral and Mental Health Services, at the Chinle Outpatient Treatment Center. She is from Chinle, AZ, the gateway to spectacular landscapes of the Canyon De Chelly. Her profession requires her to provide mental and behavioral health outreach and education to all age groups in her service area. Suicide prevention is one particular topic she educates individuals considered high risk for self-harm.

Before the pandemic, she conducted mental health education, and now a support staff with the Health Command Operations Center (HCOC). She manages the Chinle Receiving, Storing, and Staging (RSS) Warehouse. As a manager, Natasha oversees the overall warehouse operations, ensuring supplies are delivered throughout the Navajo Nation in response to COVID-19. She coordinates outbound and incoming deliveries and donations, and they are cataloged for inventory.

"When the coronavirus pandemic reached its tentacles out to the Navajo Nation, all the Dine's lives changed, including mine."


"Working as a Manager for the HCOC RSS Warehouse has propelled me from working within my service area to working Navajo wide. I coordinate with organizations, such as Indian Health Service and PL-638 Contract hospitals and clinics, to get critical supplies to those most in need."


As communities cope in the best way they can during this extraordinary time, Natasha sees a movement in which people come out to help. She shares an unforgettable occasion in which individuals came together to pack and distribute supplies to the community. The Navajo Nation receives a significant amount of supplies to assist its people, and many times the HCOC is in short supply of help. The kindness of the volunteers and their willingness to serve was a fantastic experience for her.


"There are still families who don't have access to running water or electricity and live in multi-generational homes. Our Navajo people struggle with high unemployment rates and alcohol and substance use, which disproportionately increases our risk of getting COVID-19. The wellbeing of the Navajo people and my family is a motivating influence in why I keep doing what I am doing regardless of how tired and weary I may feel."


Natasha implores everyone on the Navajo Nation to avoid traveling and vacationing, adhere to the public health orders, follow safety and coronavirus prevention behaviors to stay safe from suffering the consequences of the COVID-19 disease.

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