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Marsandra Tsosie

Navajo Department of Health

Community Health Worker - Shiprock Service Unit

Marsandra Tsosie has been a Community Health Worker for eight years in the Shiprock service unit. Her job requires her to provide home health assessments to clients and prioritize what is needed. Her clients include elders and individuals with underlying health conditions. Since the coronavirus pandemic, she has been called to work on the frontlines with the Navajo Health Command Operations Center (HCOC).

"We are busy rotating our time at the HCOC Case Management section, assisting with various assignments. We serve our communities by making sure our patients are safe. We make sure they have enough food, water, and medication. If needed, we deliver essential supplies. But our work does not end there. Occasionally, we also assist the Public Health Nurses with rural COVID testing at Chapters," ”


Marsandra's passion is serving her elders and vulnerable individuals in her community. She values the time and conversations she has with each one of them. While at the Command Center in Window Rock, she continues to follow-up with all her patients every chance she gets.


"When the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in my community, I panicked! It lays heavy on my heart, knowing people are suffering from the coronavirus disease, especially those I know. This virus came into our homes, but we have to keep fighting together," she stated.


Marsandra strongly encourages the Navajo public to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Our people need to stay home, wear face coverings, wash their hands, and avoid visiting family and friends. We all need to be on the same page to overcome this virus, she added.

"It is amazing to see everyone, young and old, taking the time to help their communities fight against the Coronavirus. As we work on the frontlines, we constantly worry about being exposed, which can cause stress, fear, and anxiety. But knowing that I can help stop the spread of the virus among my people, especially the elders, keeps me going. We are on the frontlines to protect our elders, our culture, and our future."


Marsandra Tsosie lives about 35 miles south of Shiprock, NM, in Sanostee, NM, a close-knit community with a population of about 429. At one time, Marsandra left the CHR program to work as a case manager, but returned after one year. Marsandara plans to stay as a CHR because she loves the environment of being near elders.

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