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Kim Douglas

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Deployed to Navajo Nation – Research and Public Information Teams

Kim Douglas typically works in the CDC’s Immunization Program, but at the request of the government of Navajo Nation, is deployed to Window Rock, AZ. He is part of the federal government team supporting Navajo Nation with the COVID-19 response.

“I’m working to conduct research and help produce the messages of prevention and education here in Navajo Nation,” said Kim. “Our ultimate goal is to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. A lot of what we do in public health is public information and to create a better understanding about how we can fight this pandemic together.”


Kim works in the health field because he cares about the safety and welfare of people. His philosophy is that if people help you in your life, it is important to return the favors.


“Here in Navajo Nation, I’m surrounded by professionals who are committed to stopping the spread of coronavirus and give of themselves to save lives every day,” said Kim. “If you care about others by taking preventative measures (like wearing a mask, maintaining physical distance, etc.), there will always be someone caring about you.”


Kim Douglas is currently assigned to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Baltimore, MD, but lives in Atlanta, GA and grew up in Fayetteville, NC. Working for the CDC, Kim partners with providers in helping them provide safe and effective vaccine to children as part of the Vaccines for Children Program (VFC). Kim’s family are members of the Lumbee Tribe in North Carolina and he is grateful for the opportunity to support Navajo Nation as part of the COVID-19 response team.

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