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Julian Cohoe

Navajo Department of Health-Health Education Program

Health Education Tech Shiprock Service Area

Julian Cohoe has been working with the Navajo Department of Health- Health Education Program for approximately three years as a Health Education Technician for the Shiprock Service Area. He is originally from Window Rock, AZ. As a Health Education Technician, Julian provides health education presentations to schools, community centers, and worksites, as well as conduct HIV screenings.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Julian’s role has changed quite a bit, from providing public health presentations and educational activities with groups of people, to not having them at all. He now works on a designated Strike Team, assisting in all responses to COVID-19, which requires delivering essential supplies to high-risk and COVID-19 positive patients within the Shiprock Service area, and distributing COVID-19 in public areas.

What keeps Julian motivated is, knowing that with each piece of information he posts and shares, with every delivery of supplies he gives to families in need, he is doing his part in flattening the curve on the Navajo Nation. Community members feel fortunate during this time of need that they are not forgotten. They appreciate that the strike team takes the time to deliver essential items, no matter their location or their circumstances. They are a resilient people.


“I do my best no matter the situation or distance, because I know with the efforts of not just myself but the entirety of my fellow colleagues, we are building a stronger Diné Nation together against COVID-19.”


Julian’s typical day at work consists of checking in with the Strike Team Leader and staff for any calls assisting with deliveries, sanitizing supplies – in which he and his strike team can deliver up to 200 boxes of supplies to the 22 chapters that are within the Shiprock service area. He also posts COVID-19 prevention information in as many public areas as he possibly can. On his down time, he is researching current COVID-19 related issues to keep himself and his community updated.

Distributing essential supplies to these rural communities and families has been one of Julian’s most challenging, yet memorable experiences during this pandemic. He expressed many of the families are thankful to see them, and grateful to the Strike team in providing assistance during a time like this.

“Do your best to keep you and your loved ones safe by following the recommended COVID-19 prevention practices. Shelter in place, especially if you don’t have to leave home, remain safe with your family and enjoy your time together. I pray the families who have been affected by this disease, are surrounded with protection, and comforted during their time of anguish. Let’s beat COVID-19 and bring back a stronger, healthier Nation”

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